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Bubba Lee's Favorite Bubbalinks

Bubbalicious Bubble Facts
No bubbaloney, no if's, ands or bubblebutts, just the bubblefacts.

Cabbey's Bath Salts, Balms and Bubbles
Bubbles and more to help you relax, to give as gifts, to ENJOY!!! Most of the ingredients for the recipes can be found in your own kitchen.

Bubble Town
Bubble formula, skills, games and all things bubble!

Bubble Soap
FREE recipes for bubble soap - including the secret for 'tough' bubbles (glycerine) - check it out!

Bubble Science
MORE free bubble recipes and oodles of bubble facts!

Float Your Bubble
Yes, float your bubble with CO2 - free recipe and instructions...

Contrarian Delight
The ANTI-bubble. Recipe and how to. (A soap bubble is a thin film of liquid surrounding air. The antibubble is a thin film of air surrounding liquid - 'floating' in liquid.)

Bubbology - True Science
Everything you ever wondered about bubbles - and WAY more...

Bubble and More
Bubble facts, recipes and info galore from the Soap and Detergent Association.

Bubbles for Sale
If you're really a bubble-nut, they have bubble lamps and bubble walls you can buy!

Make Your Own Soap
You read it right. Do-it-yourself bubbles from the ground up.

Bubble GUM
Tips for and pics of bubble-blowing - from the world of gummy-bubbles.

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