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by Bubba Lee

The Balloon©

The balloon, you see,
is but a bubble
hung in effigy.
Its squeaky ephithelium
pumped full of nasty helium.

No scintillating sparkle.
When it pops it leaves a dark hole.
No pleasant little "pip"
it's gone in one big rip.

Just won't go without a shout,
always drags that string about.
An imitation bubble
that's simply rubber trouble.

While the bubble, very kind,
leaves a little kiss behind
a plump and gentle rainbow
it's never just a plain glow.

Sparkling bubble wafting by,
crystal mirror of sea and sky
as it floats across the earth
tingles noses, causes mirth.

The aluminum balloon,
just as vicious as can be,
tries to leave you in the dark,
without electricity.

It would really take a dope
to reject a dab of soap
for a nasty piece of tin
or some blistered plastic skin.

To avoid the nasty shell
Of a bubble born in hell
Simply love the soapy bubble -
and be saved from rubber rubble.